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Flame-retardant Products

Increasingly Important for Extended Areas of Application

Due to higher requirements for safety performance and new technologies flame retardant materials are getting more and more important. AKRO-PLASTIC follows this trend with a broad portfolio of flame retardant grades. We use the latest technologies for our flame retardant materials giving a broader process window, low corrosion during processing and the possibility to colour the material even in bright colors, for example orange (RAL2003) for E-Mobility.

Flame retardant grades are often used in electronical devices. Therefore special attention must be paid to electrical corrosion. All flame retardant materials made by AKRO-PLASTIC are completely free of halogenated heat stabilizers or flame retardants and red phosphorous. This leads to high CTIs for every grade.

The ICX® Technology (innovative compounding and extrusion technology), jointly developed with the mechanical engineering and sister company FEDDEM GmbH & Co. KG, contributes to ensuring a consistently high quality. This quality is the same in all global plant locations.

Applications for public transportation

  • Seat shell
  • Luggage racks
  • Headrest 
  • Armrest
  • Tabels
  • Bus shell
  • Covers
  • Inside parts
  • Trashcans
  • Fans


Product Characterisation

Every application has its own characteristic and demands on the raw material. Because of this the portfolio of AKRO-PLASTIC is divided into three different parts: Unreinforced, reinforced and high performance.

Unreinforced flame retardant grades are the best solution for components where thin parts take on an important task of the application, for example film hinges. AKROMID® C3 1 FR (4163) is optimized for an excellent flow ensuring a good flow through these thin areas during production. If optimization of costs is a significant part of the project AKROMID® B3 1 FR (6437) is a good solution. Both materials provide a Yellow-Card and are suitable for parts where UL94-V-0 is required. For applications where V-2 is required – for example cable glands – AKROMID® B3 HU natural (7455) with its Yellow Card from 0.8 mm is a cost effective alternative.


For applications with high demands on mechanical properties glass fiber reinforced flame retardant polyamides are favorised, mostly with 25 or 30 % of glass fibers. Unfortunately flame retardants lower the mechanical properties of the compound.

With our long experience in highly reinforced materials and our gentle treatment of the glass fibers during processing we are able to produce flame retardant materials with higher mechanical properties than our competition. All materials are listed at UL providing V-0 and a CTI of > 600V.

For highend parts which need very high mechanical properties and outstanding dimensional stability AKRO-PLASTIC offers different flame retardant grades based on special polyamide raw materials.

High mechanical properties at room temperature, low moisture uptake and excellent surface – these requirements are perfectly combined by AKROLOY® PARA GF 35 FR (7496). With a tensile modulus of 14500 MPa and a tensile strength of 200 MPa this material offers more freedom to design mechanically stressed, flame retardant parts.

High mechanical properties at elevated temperatures, low moisture uptake and suitable for SMT  – these are the advantages of AKROMID® T9 GF 30 FR (7778). If you want to know more about our new polyphthalamide, please click here. 

Improved CO2 footprint for flame-retardant products


Even though environmental friendliness and flame-retardant additives do not really seem compatible, there are opportunities for products with an improved carbon footprint. AKRO-PLASTIC is currently working on partly bio-based glass fibre reinforced AKROMID® NEXT based on PA 6.9 and PA 5.6. There are even opportunities to improve the CO2 footprint of flame-retardant additives using a biobased ingredient as well as renewable energy.

The flame-retardant additives are free of halogenes and red phosphorus. AKROMID® NEXT 5.6 3 GF 35 9 FR natur (8401) achieves UL94 V0 from 1,6 mm and is suitable for components with high demands on strength for E&E market and E-Mobility. It represents a HMD-free (hexamethylenediamine) alternative to PA 6.6 with comparable properties.

We see promising opportunities with the 100 % bio-based polymer PA 5.10.  The flame-retardant AKROMID® NEXT 5.10 3 GF 30 FR natur (8404) reaches UL94 V0 rating from 1,6 mm and is comparable to conventional PA 6.10.

The partly bio-based PA 6.9 named AKROMID® NEXT G3 K8 9 FR LA white (8261) fulfills UL94 V2 and GWFI 960°C and retains a high CTI of 600 V. The material is 20 % glass fibre reinforced and laser markable with a dark color change, which fits well with the requirements of the E&E market, e.g. for terminal blocks.


Flammability Tests

V0 - reinforced

Disclaimer: All specifications and information given on this website are based on our current knowledge and experience. A legally binding promise of certain characteristics or suitability for a concrete individual case cannot be derived from this information. The information supplied here is not intended to release processors and users from the responsibility of carrying out their own tests and inspections in each concrete individual case. AKROMID®, AKROLEN®, AKROLOY®, AKROTEK®, ICX®, PRECITE® and DIA(hr)LOG® are registered trademarks of AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH.

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