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Custom Thermoplastic Compounds

Benefit from Our Extensive Toll Compounding Knowledge

By supplying us with the raw materials and formulas, you will benefit from our extensive processing knowledge and engineering experience. With over 25 years of service experience in toll compounding, we have a thorough knowledge of all aspects of plastics-related production and manufacturing. With state-of-the-art facilities, we produce high-quality, custom thermoplastic compounds.

The core of our production machines is a double-screw extruder, partly with variable process lengths, and we also use strand and underwater granulation. To ensure we are able to distribute the products you need, we employ two different production sites, manufacturing small measurements and full-site services alike.

Your Trusted Partner for Toll Compounding

Have you developed a compound formulation but need the compounding expertise and production facilities to create your product? As a toll compounder, we can take your compound formulation and manufacture your compound for you. You simply supply us with the raw materials and formulas you wish to use, and we create your compound. Whether it is high-temperature, high-strength engineering thermoplastics or soft, flexible thermoplastic elastomers, we have the expertise and technology to make your product. By using us to make your compounds, you can cut down on production time, decrease lead times and improve your manufacturing capacity.


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