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We at AKRO, see the consistent sustainable orientation of our company not only as a moral responsibility, but above all as a strategic decision. Our goal is to be your first contact for sustainable high-quality plastic compounds.

Strategic decision

Sustainable in many ways

Sustainability is currently on the agenda of every company. But what does that mean for plastics? Mechanical recycling is one way to use more sustainable materials and reduce the product's carbon footprint, but it is far from the only one. Depending on the specific requirements of the part, the right material may also be bio-based, chemically recycled, mass-balanced, or simply a smartly chosen fossil plastic. On this page you will find information about modern sustainable engineering plastics, sustainable production technologies, material certifications and AKRO-PLASTICS' Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. In our FAQ's you can quickly find out about the sometimes confusing terminology related to sustainable plastics.

Sustainable in many ways - everything at a glance!

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