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Sustainable Alternatives

Sustainable alternatives for flame retardant compounds

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Sustainable alternatives for flame retardant compounds

Sustainable Innovation

With AKROMID® NEXT, we offer innovative and sustainable alternatives to conventional nylons. The AKROMID® NEXT FR compound series is based on bio-based and biomass-balanced polyamides to reduce the use of fossil raw materials or to save CO2. The flame-retardant additives are free of halogens and red phosphorus. It is also possible to use a biomass-balanced flame retardant for further CO2 reduction.

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E&E market / e-mobility

Components with high requirements

AKROMID® NEXT 5.6 3 GF 35 9 FR natural (8401) achieves UL94 V0 classification at 1.6 mm and is suitable for components with high strength requirements for the E&E market and e-mobility. PA 5.6 contains 41% bio-based carbon and is an HMD-free (hexamethylenediamine) alternative to PA 6.6 with comparable properties.

Very promising possibilities opens up the PA 5.10 which is a 100 % bio-based polymer. The flame retardant AKROMID® NEXT 5.10 3 GF 30 FR natur achieves UL94 V0 classification at 1.6 mm and is comparable with the more common PA 6.10.

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Laser markable alternative

AKROMID® NEXT G3 K8 9 FR LA white (8261) is a PA 6.9 and contains 57 % biobased carbon. It complies with UL94 V2, GWFI 960 °C and has a CTI of 600 V. The material is 20 % glass fiber reinforced and can be laser-marked with a dark color change, which fits well with the requirements of the E&E market, e.g. for terminal blocks.

Almost all AKROMID® flame retardant compounds can be replaced with a biomass-balanced PA 6, PA 6.6 or PA 6 / PA 6.6 blend. A new technical qualification by the user is not necessary. By using the biomass-balanced component, the CO2 footprint can be more than halved.

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Sustainable compounds

We are happy to support you with qualified advice on the selection of sustainable products. Further information on sustainability and sustainable products can be found here.

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