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AKROMID® T High Temperatures


High-Temperature-Resistant Compounds

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Ever higher demands for cost and weight reductions have made metal substitution a much discussed topic for years in many industries. In the automotive industry, it has already become standard practice to substitute engineering plastics for die casting; now, in sanitary installations and general mechanical engineering, this has begun to emerge as a feasible solution as well. The key benefit: the moulded part is formed in only one step and immediately undergoes further processing, resulting in significantly lower production costs per component. At AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH, we are fully committed to keeping pace with these increasing requirements. That is why we have developed AKROMID® T, new high temperature resistant, polyphthalamide (PPA)-based compounds used specifically in applications where metal was traditionally used. From the very outset, one of our primary objectives was to modify polyamides for higher performance.

With AKROMID® T, AKRO-PLASTIC has developed a product line of different PPA compounds (polyphthalamides) to meet a wide range of technical requirements, including easy processability.

AKROMID® T5 is based on a conventional PA6T copolymer. It has a melting point of 325°C and a glass transition temperature of 135°C. Up to that temperature it keeps the excellent mechanical properties, making it the ideal engineered material for demanding applications requiring durability and strength even at elevated temperatures.

AKROMID® T9 is based on a PA9T homopolymer. The lower melting point of 300°C widens the processing window and resistance to thermal degradation versus other PPAs.

AKROMID® T9 absorbs significantly less moisture which leads to a higher consistency of the glass transition temperature. It lies around 125°C even in conditioned state. Therefore, the mechanical performance remains on a high level during moisture uptake and temperature increase, exceeding conventional PA6T compounds. The lower melting point allows more diversity in the portfolio. It is now possible to better compose impact modified or flame-retardant versions of AKROMID® T9.

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AKROMID® T’s high-temperature resistance makes it the perfect compound for metal replacement applications.

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Resistance to Media

Percentaged retention of tensile strength after dipping 0,2mm thick specimen in solvent at 23°C for 7 days. Source Kuraray.



Automotive Sector


The replacement of metals by engineering plastics in the drinking water and food sectors has risen steadily. A wide variety of applications are already made of plastics, such as fittings, water meter housings, filter housings and seals. Reade more here.

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