High performance in the kitchen

With AKROMID® T, AKRO-PLASTIC has developed a PPA product line (polyphthalamides), offering completely new possibilities, especially in high operating temperatures. Due to the optimised processability of AKROMID® T5, longer flow paths can be realised at lower processing temperatures. This not only increases the process safety, but also enables developing completely new applications.

This improved flowability of AKROMID® T5 allows KISAG AG to easily fill the mould in the production of their spatula. Despite their long flow paths and low wall thickness, the components have an excellent surface appearance. Besides the excellent mechanics, the components made of AKROMID® T5 GF 40 8 (7963) also tested positively regarding their migration behaviour.

The plastic spatula protects the surface of non-stick pans. In addition, excess fat to drains off well through the slits. The modern and functional spatulas from KISAG AG are durable and resistant in their various designs.

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PA 6T-Copolymer

AKROMID® T5 is based on a PA 6T copolymer, with a melting point of 325 °C. Due to its excellent mechanical properties, the material is suitable for demanding applications, which require durability and strength even at elevated temperatures.

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