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Automotive - Lightweight, Comfort and Safety

The development of the automobile synergistically represents the profile of technical development. In addition to performance, the focus is on safety and efficiency in automotive applications. In order to reduce the impact of mobility on the climate, technologies are being further developed and new drive concepts are being brought to market as part of e-mobility. Plastics make these developments possible. AKRO-PLASTIC is internationally positioned and has the right solutions for your automotive requirements. Our product portfolio serves applications in drive technology, high-temperature applications in the engine area, structural parts up to optically and mechanically demanding components of the vehicle interior.

Applications of plastic in automotive applications combine excellent mechanical properties over a wide temperature range with resistance to a variety of media and environmental influences. Plastics enable the efficient temperature control of vehicle components. High demands on cooling performance are also made in battery cooling. During fast charging processes with high performance in e-mobility, AKROTEK® compounds ensure that the battery is cooled and that you can continue your journey as soon as possible.

Automotive applications set the standard for plastics in manufacturing processes and functional integration. In addition to applications for media-carrying components, molded hollow parts produced with fluid injection technology are also suitable for lightweight construction of mechanically heavily loaded molded parts such as pedals and even door components. By using ICF®-compounds, further consistent and sustainable lightweight construction is possible - even in applications where magnesium die-casting was previously used. (even replacing magnesium die casting parts). By integrating continuous fibre-reinforced tapes, the full lightweight construction potential of carbon fibre-reinforced plastics can be realised economically.

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