DPPD-free PA 6.6 with hydrolysis properties

Water tanks

Water tanks

DPPD-free PA 66 with hydrolysis properties

Modine Europe based in Filderstadt offers products for heating and cooling applications to a wide variety of industries. In the automotive, off highway, truck & specialty Vehicles sectors, hydrolysis-resistant materials from AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH have been long used for water tanks.

The safety of the ingredients in all materials are regularly checked in accordance with the REACH Directive and as such a DPPD additive (an ingredient in many hydrolysis-stabilised materials) has been classed as risky, which means components with a weight proportion of DPPD >0.1% are notifiable.

Before the use of this additive is forbidden as a last resort, AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH promptly developed a DPPD-free material, which has comparable mechanical and hydrolysis-stabilised properties and submitted this to Modine Europe.

AKROMID® A3 GF 30 4 6 black (13690) meets the requirements of the Modine specifications.

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Extensive laboratory testing by AKRO-PLASTIC and Modine have confirmed that AKROMID® A3 GF 30 4 6 black (13690) also meets the requirements of the Modine specifications. In the last step, tests on various components, including the water tank also confirmed that AKROMID® A3 GF 30 4 6 black (13690) conforms to requirements and a material change for all components is being undertaken by Modine.


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