RTI Listing up to 150°C

AKRO-PLASTIC offers several recently developed flame-retardent products that are halogen free, free of red phosphous and do not contain any zinc borates.

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Compounds that meet the requirements of e-mobility

AKRO-PLASTIC has developed a grade that is flame-retardant and heat-resistant better than many competitors and recognized for both at UL. AKROMID® C3 GF 25 1 FR is available in black, orange, natural color and any tailored colors.


Flame-retardent developments

The company recently presented AKROMID® C3 GF 25 1 FR, which yields an RTI Listing up to 150°C on the UL yellow card, according to Thilo Stier. The material achieves a V-0 rating at 0.4 mm and CTI of 600V. “With this material AKRO-PLASTIC targets the E&E markets for switch gears and high-power circuit breakers. Red more in the article.


More information about FR Compounds

Improved compounds for flame-retardant products

Detail view of a loading flap of an electric car


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