Sustainability Certifications

ISCC PLUS und REDcert²

Promotion of the bio- and circular economy

Sustainability Certifications ISCC PLUS & REDcert²

ISCC PLUS and REDcert² are leading sustainability certification systems for bio-based and recycled materials in the chemical industry (e.g. based on sugar cane, vegetable oil/fat waste or recyclate). By using sustainable material flows, AKRO-PLASTIC contributes to the saving of fossil resources or to the promotion of the Bioeconomy and Circular Economy.

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Chain of custody certification

Traceability of Sustainable Feedstocks

ISCC PLUS and REDcert² certifications ensure the traceability of the sustainable material flow along the entire value chain. Every chain element up to the production of the final product is certified (chain-of-custody certification), allowing the product to be labelled as sustainably certified to the end consumer. The following is an example of a ISCC PLUS certified supply chain.

Products without rainforest deforestation

Ecologically and socially responsible Raw Materials

Chain-of-custody certification guarantees that raw material sources are certified sustainable. Certified waste streams are audited to ensure that they are not intentionally produced or contaminated to be considered waste. Certain sustainability requirements apply to the agriculture of arable crops, including:

  • Protection of areas with high carbon stocks (e.g. rainforests, peat bogs) and with high biodiversity.

  • Sustainable management to protect soils and waters

  • Respect for human rights

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Mass Balance Approach

Allocation Factor

FAQ's Sustainability

ISCC PLUS or REDcert² certified products

Advantages of ISCC PLUS or REDcert² certified products

  • Saving fossil finite resources

  • Support of a sustainable economy - Bioeconomy and Circular Economy

  • Ecologically and socially sustainable production in accordance with the requirements of ISCC PLUS/REDcert² is guaranteed

  • The correct allocation of biomass/recycled material to the product is verified by an independent external service provider

Are you interested in sustainable product solutions? Get to know our new NEXT series, such as our AKROMID® NEXT or PRECITE® NEXT product groups. You can recognize sustainably certified articles by the abbreviations CR (= Certification REDcert²) or CI (= Certification ISCC PLUS) in their names. 


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