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Compounds for metal replacement

Compounds for metal replacement

New Design Possibilities in Plastic

Increasing requirements such as higher processing temperatures, a more consistent performance for conditioned polyamides or the need for better surface finish, have pushed the limits and require for new products.  

This is where compounds based on blends of PA 6.6 with PA6-I/6-T (AKROLOY® PA) or polyarylamid (AKROLOY® PARA), enter the scene. These products typically aim for metal replacement applications at different temperature ranges. The choice of those materials depends on the requirements, because all of them offer a unique package of advantages.

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Compounds for metal replacement

Product Characterisation

The shear modulus over temperature illustrates the effect of the Tg very well. Up to Tg the modulus and thus the mechanical performance is stable. Then, when the amorphous phase starts to soften above Tg, the modulus and mechanical performance drops.

AKROLOY® PA is based on PA66+PA6I/6T with a glass transition temperature of around 80°C- up to that temperature it keeps the excellent mechanical performance. The compounds are characterized by lower moisture absorption compared to standard PA66 compounds and good surface quality even at high glass fibre concentration.

AKROLOY® PARA has a glass transition temperature of around 90°C and shows very good mechanical performance up to that temperature. Due to the very low moisture absorption there is nearly no drop in mechanics in conditioned state. The compounds show a excellent flowability and outstanding surface quality. 




Driving down costs and reducing weight has been a critical objective in many industries. One of the most effective ways of achieving this is to substitute metal with plastic. Developed specifically with this in mind, AKROLOY® PA represents an ideal solution for a range of applications, including automotive, machine building and die casting, that have traditionally relied on metal.

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