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Durable laser marking of plastic

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In light of the increasing complexity of plastic components and the requirements for quality assurance, marking of plastics is an essential process for many industries. ​Laser marking is increasingly used in industrial applications for its high contrast and excellent contour definition, which make it particularly reliable. In the automotive and E/E industries, plastic parts are often individually marked to enable the traceability of production processes. ​

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Processing and assembly instructions and certificates, as required in the construction industry, can be easily applied to the plastics via laser marking.​ Additionally, laser marked plastics can include logos and or decorative designs for branding and individualization, for example on household appliances and sporting goods.​ In addition to the plastic, the decisive factors for selecting the marking method are the geometry of the molded part and the conditions of use.

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Laser marking is a permanent and customizable method of marking plastic parts. The contact-free method can also be used to mark hard-to-reach and curved surfaces of the part. In the case of plastics, the process is characterized by a fast marking speed and low cycle times. By selecting a suitable combination of plastic compound and laser, it is possible to mark without pre-treatment or post-processing steps.

AKRO-PLASTIC develops special compounds for a technical or decorative laser marking of plastics, which allow a change to a dark color on a natural base colored polymer and a bright color change on a black colored polymer, AKROMID® B3 GF 30 S1 LA black (4446). For special applications, colorful markings on a dark base color can be achieved.

Durable laser marking of plastic

Coding and Marking Solutions for the Plastics Industry

Laser marking is achieved by the interaction of radiation with the polymer and laser-absorbing additives. A dark marking is caused by carbonization of a light plastic surface. On a dark base color, a bright marking occurs due to the foaming of the surface under the influence of the laser. 

Laser-markable engineering plastics from AKRO-PLASTIC with special laser-sensitive additives are labeled as LA and are also available with a high percentage of reinforcing materials. Laser sensitive additives are also available as Masterbatch at AF-COLOR and can be combined with different polymers.

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Fiber laser from REA Elektronik GmbH

AKRO-PLASTIC uses a fiber laser from REA Elektronik GmbH for testing the markability of plastics (picture reference). The markability is objectively tested according to ISO/IEC TR 29158 (former AIM DPM-2006 guideline).

To determine the quality, AKRO-PLASTIC uses a REA VERIFIER VeriCube. We are pleased to support you in the selection of a suitable compound and with customised solutions. 

REA VERIFIER VeriCube & PVarying marking parameters optimal combinations can easily be determined​
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