AKRO-PLASTIC wins the 2nd Prize in "chassis unit / structural component"

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Minth Europe has won the 2nd place in the category Chassis Unit / Structural Component together with AKRO-PLASTIC and PME fluidtec for the roof rails of the Hyundai iX25. The customer managed to replace an aluminum construction in series production. A surface free of sink marks has been achieved as well as a Class A coating despite different wall thicknesses in the component. The highly reinforced product AKROMID® B3 GF 50 1 GIT (4733) was used for the roof rail, in combination with the water assisted injection molding. This brings the major advantage of cycle time and weight reduction was used for this purpose.


Roof railing Hyundai iX25

In this innovative process, the cavity is filled with the polyamide and after a short holding time the melt is pushed out with the aid of water back into the injection molding barrel. This way a hollow structure like a roof rail can be produced very economically in the injection molding process.

For more information on the innovative process, watch the video or follow the link Fluid Injection Technology (FIT).

Dachreling-Bauteil Video

About the SPE Automotive Award

The Automotive Division Award, the SPE Central Europe, section of the Society of Plastics Engineers Inc., has been issuing every six months since 1992, is supported by well-known companies in the plastics industry, this year by A. Schulman / LyondellBasell, AKRO-PLASTIC, DSM Engineering Plastics, EMS Chemie, Grafe Advanced Polymers and KraussMaffei Technologies.

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