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Defining sustainability is an important part of daily work for companies today. In the plastics industry, too, there are many ways to design products sustainably. The demand for sustainable products is high, due to the climate neutrality to be achieved. AKRO-PLASTIC as a compound manufacturer faces this challenge and offers solutions with its polyester compounds. PRECITE® has an inherently lower CO2 footprint compared to other polymers, such as polyamide. In addition, AKRO-PLASTIC offers variants with recycled material from post-consumer applications (PRECITE® ECO).

Compounds from our PRECITE®K ECO product range are blends of PBT/rPET with a 25% PCR content. Despite the recycled material, PRECITE® K ECO does not suffer any losses in stiffness and strength as a PBT with a comparable filler content and is therefore able to replace PBT in many applications. In processing, there is the advantage that, unlike with pure PET or rPET, it is not necessary to produce a mold temperature of 140°C, but the temperatures of 80-100°C common with PBT are sufficient. In addition, the shrinkage is very similar, so that in many cases it is even possible to process the material true to size in existing PBT molds. Another advantage is the excellent surface quality.

"By switching from a PBT-based product, e.g. PRECITE® P3 GF 30 black (6924) to a PBT/rPET blend, e.g. PRECIT®E K GF 30 ECO black (8269), it is possible to save around 35% CO2 eq. The material can be used in existing molds and thus enables a fast changeover."

Claudia VahrenkampfProduct Manager

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PA 6.6 GF 30
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CO2 footprint
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CO2 footprint
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