LGF Compounds

LGF reinforced Compounds

Safe under Extreme Loads

LGF Reinforced Compounds

As design materials, plastics are now well-established in many areas of our lives. To improve strength, thermoplastics are typically reinforced with glass or carbon fibres. Particularly at higher loads such as impact stress or in applications at higher or lower temperatures, the fibre length in short glass fibre reinforced compounds is insufficient, as the polymer matrix begins to soften or become more brittle in such cases. Special compounds reinforced with long glass fibres were developed for this reason. 

Long glass fibre compounds have been successfully used in various segments of the industry for several decades. The product lines AKROMID®, AKROTEK® and AKROLOY® LGF compounds offer solutions that extend to other segments thanks to the use of base polymers.

Advantages of long glass fibre reinforced compounds:

  • Better mechanics at increased temperatures

  • Less creep

  • Higher working absorption during impact stress

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LGF reinforced Compounds

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LGF Reinforced Compounds


LGF Reinforced Compounds


Over the last 10 years, diecast and stamped bent parts have been substituted with engineering plastics especially in the automotive sector as well as in sanitary installations and general mechanical engineering where they have become the most feasible solution. 

LGF Reinforced Compounds


Mit dem AKROMID® C3 LGF 50 5 XTC natur (5574) hat die Produktentwicklung der AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH ein innovatives Compound entwickelt.

Disclaimer: All specifications and information given on this website are based on our current knowledge and experience. A legally binding promise of certain characteristics or suitability for a concrete individual case cannot be derived from this information. The information supplied here is not intended to release processors and users from the responsibility of carrying out their own tests and inspections in each concrete individual case. AKROMID®, AKROLEN®, AKROLOY®, AKROTEK®, ICX®, PRECITE® and DIA(hr)LOG® are registered trademarks of AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH.

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