Incoat Process

Combination of Injection Moulding and RIM-PU

Engine Cover

Combination of Injection Moulding and RIM-PU

IIn-line production of thermoplastic part overmolded with Polyurethane (PU). This innovative combination of injection moulding of thermoplastic part and Reaction injection moulding of PU (RIM-PU) is called InCoat process.

AKRO-PLASTIC and its sister company AF-COLOR supported the InCoat process in which a demonstration engine cover part was overflooded with a PU layer in a single process step. Here one of the prerequisites was a material to which PU would have a good bonding. AKRO-PLASTIC supported with the material  AKROMID® B3 GF 20 2 RM-D natural (4164) and AF-COLOR developed a green colour masterbatch AF-Color® PA 601292 green suitable for this grade.

The trend towards light and high-quality surfaces, which are particularly in demand in the automotive industry for the design of vehicle interiors, is fueling the demand for economical and mass-produced solutions.

Typical applications in automotive interior are instrument panels, door panels, pillar trims and other trim components. By combining injection molding with the PU process, higher-value components can be effectively produced in large quantities. This makes this technology interesting not only for a variety of applications in the automotive interior, but also in the automotive exteriors. This solution could also be interesting for other industries where injection moulded parts have a much broader application.


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