The 20th SPE Automotive Award took place on 18.09.2021 in Neuss. More than 40 vehicle parts were submitted and honored. Some of these parts had quite spectacular details, which at first sight were not noticed at all.

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AKRO-PLASTIC wins the Nomination Award

Lucid Motors, HS Products Engineering GmbH and Igus received the Nomination Award for the new developed information display of the Lucid Air. The 12-inch information display was designed by Lucid Motors and HS Products Engineering to be fully hidden in the dashboard, emphasizing the luxurious esthetics of the Lucid Air. Very high stiffness was a key consideration in the design of this deployment mechanism. The screen is driven by a single electric motor, which provides excellent noise and vibration isolation. 


The carrier holding the display is made of our AKROLOY® PARA ICF 40 (6128), a material chosen instead of a magnesium alloy for its excellent tooling properties. With its E modulus of 39 GPa and flexural strength of 420 MPa, the material features metal-like stiffness and strength at a significantly reduced weight. In spite of the high filler content, AKROLOY® PARA shows an outstanding even surface and thus meets the high demands of our customers, without any additional painting. This incredibly unique mechanism has been realized and will be present in all of the Lucid Air luxury electrical sedans launching this year.


About the SPE Automotive Award

The Automotive Division Award, the SPE Central Europe, section of the Society of Plastics Engineers Inc., has been issuing every six months since 1992, is supported by well-known companies in the plastics industry, this year by A. Schulman / LyondellBasell, AKRO-PLASTIC, DSM Engineering Plastics, EMSChemie, Grafe Advanced Polymers and KraussMaffei Technologies.

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