AKROTEK® PK: Polyketone is Back – to Fildan’s Delight

Formulated in 2000, the aliphatic polyketone known as Carilon from Shell is again available under the name AKROTEK® PK from the compounder AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH, based in Niederzissen in Germany’s Rhineland-Palatinate region. The combination of unique properties in this polyketone led the firm Ing. Gerhard Fildan GesmbH to use the material once again for its brackets.

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»We had already used Shell’s Carilon in the past and were therefore thoroughly acquainted with the versatile properties of this polyketone«

Karl SzaboHead of Production at Ing. Gerhard Fildan GesmbH

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“AKROTEK® PK is ideally suited for brackets for pricing signs. The material is also designed for fasteners, rods, clips and the like in clothing such as shapewear, lingerie and sports apparel,” Szabo continues. The product is further characterised by a combination of high strength with excellent elongation at break, acceptable colorability and, in particular, the high degree of chemical resistance needed to allow the clothing to undergo frequent wash cycles.

AKROTEK® PK-VM white (5083) meets all these requirements, to the customer’s ultimate satisfaction. The easy, uncomplicated processing and excellent flowability of the AKROTEK® PK-VM grades and the faster cycle times compared to other thermoplastics round out the profile. Based on the sum of all its properties, AKROTEK® PK is the ideal material for Ing. Gerhard Fildan GesmbH.