In August 2012, with the completion of the construction of the 2nd production hall at AKRO-PLASTIC in Niederzissen its capacity expansion was concluded. From the beginning, this new second production hall was designed to house 14 compounding lines, 11 of which were installed in the first 4 years. To keep up with the growing demand for plastics compounding, AKRO-PLASTIC has now decided to add 2 more compounding lines by the end of 2017.

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AKRO-PLASTIC Extends Production Capacity at Its Main Production Plant in Niederzissen

Extended Production Capacity

Located in Niederzissen, in Germany’s Rheinland-Pfalz, the compounder AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH has developed a unique solution for recycling dry carbon-fibre fabrics which have not yet come into contact with a polymer matrix and incorporating them into a polymer melt, thereby enhancing the added value.

AKRO-PLASTIC‛s carbon-fibre reinforced type series, called ICF, combines high strength with minimal thickness and an extremely competitive price. The compounds can be manufactured with a carbon fibre content of up to 45 %. The objective of this product line is to achieve a significant weight reduction, particularly in load-bearing components.

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Precise temperature control during processing is the key for optimal dosing of the fibre. The twin-screw extruder from sister-company FEDDEM GmbH & Co. KG, Sinzig used for this purpose has been upgraded to include a newly developed side feeder capable of gently delivering up to 45 % carbon fibre content to the polymer melts.

Electrical encapsulation of the machine is required throughout processing.
The high conductivity of carbon fibres would otherwise destroy the electrical components. Because the demand for these compounds is steadily growing, AKRO-PLASTIC has decided to invest in an additional extruder (FED 52 MTS), to be used exclusively for the production of its carbon-fibre reinforced compounds.
The machine is scheduled to be commissioned latest at the beginning of the fourth quarter, 2017.

Another compounding line of type FED 72 MTS will be added to the production floor at the same time. Following these investments, the compounder will have a current production capacity of over 100 000 tonnes at the Niederzissen location.

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