A quality tool needs quality components


Trowel with PRECITE® E ICF 30 black (7429)

A quality tool needs quality components

According to this credo, Maurerfreund GmbH from Remscheid in the Bergisches Land region has been producing trowels of all kinds since the century before last. The materials and production techniques have of course changed considerably, but the quality standards have remained the same. After all, they produce for the most demanding clientele imaginable: Professional craftsmen.
Many trades, especially in construction, rely on the quality of Maurerfreund GmbH trowels.

In order to meet these demands, the company invests a great deal of know-how and innovative strength. In addition to further developments that specifically affect the ergonomics of the ladles and their manufacture, a special focus is on a smart choice of materials. Durability and lightweight construction are the trump cards here, in order to be able to stand up to the rigours of everyday work. The surface of the injection moulding tool was applied by means of laser texture from the Reichle company, creating a super high-finish surface.

Besides further developments, which particularly concern the ergonomics of the trowels and their manufacture, there is a special focus on a smart choice of materials.

Together with AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH, new paths were also taken here. The support of the new Superprof trowels was manufactured with carbon fibre reinforced PET. This offers several advantages over conventionally manufactured materials:

  • A significant weight saving

  • A significantly reduced CO2 footprint

  • A higher recycling rate

  • A consistently high material quality

  • Suitable as a metal substitute due to high mechanical properties

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With PRECITE® E ICF 30 black (7429), AKRO-PLASTIC supplies a high-end compound for a high-end tool and thus helps Maurerfreund GmbH to inspire the most demanding customers with the quality of its products time and again.

PRECITE® E ICF 30 black (7429)

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