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Water Injection Technique


Water Injection Technique (WIT)

Water injection technique is a variant of fluid injection developed at the Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV), Aachen, Germany, in which water is used for production of hollow components.

This technique is particularly useful for manufacturing rod-shaped components with bigger diameters. Because of the better cooling effect of water compared to gas, the cooling time and therefore the cycle time can be reduced significantly when parts with bigger diameters are processed. Materials have been developed by AKRO-PLASTIC specifically for this high technological standard in injection moulding. We identify these materials with the abbreviation "WIT" when special attention is given to the formation of extremely good surface finishes in the interior. Thus the Teklas company uses our AKROMID® A3 GM 20/10 4 WIT black (4529) to manufacture components used in the engine cooling circuit of various motor vehicles.

The advantages of this material include the extremely easy processability of our AKROMID®, which has been specifically optimised for the water injection method. The material is used in the melt backpressure method and the secondary cavity method and is capable of forming walls up to 10% thinner compared with the competition. Thus it not only saves weight, but also ultimately saves our customers' money thanks to the reduced volume. Of course, our AKROMID® is able to meet the requirements of the most demanding OEMs in terms of cooling water resistance and dynamic strength. Please contact us should you have specific queries.

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A geometry cross section of a clutch pedal showing uniformly distributed wall thickness.

Materials used:
AKROMID® B3 GF 30 1 GIT black (4598)
AKROMID® B3 ICF 15 (5026)

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