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High-quality Compounds for Children’s Strollers

High-flow PA 6 Compounds

Children’s Strollers

Children's strollers are very demanding systems. They need to be safe, reliable, appealing and light but also robust to withstand the demands of daily use. 

Bugaboo, one of the leading manufacturers of strollers, is constantly working on improving their products to keep them attractive for their customers. Aesthetic appearance is one of the key factors for their strollers to enhance their appeal to the consumer. Since many of the parts are made from engineering plastics, the surface appearance of those items needs to be excellent to avoid secondary operations like painting. AKRO-PLASTIC developed special high-flow PA 6 compounds which are suitable for the different production capacities of the individual moulders of Bugaboo, who can now mould attractive parts without extra operations.


Bugaboo extended their product range with a new variant, the Bugaboo Ant, because they realised that parents travelling with children needed a more compact stroller. As anticipated, the demand for even lighter design without compromising durability challenged AKRO-PLASTIC to offer impact modified AKROMID® PA 6 compounds which combine strength, impact resistance and excellent surface appearance.

AKRO-PLASTIC was able to recommend a compound based on polyketone (PK), thanks to its many years of experience in the plastics sector. The advantage of this material lies in its excellent chemical resistance to acids and alkalis on the one hand and its very good tribological performance on the other, so that the individual segments can be easily shifted against each other and the hose can therefore be positioned exactly.

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However, this is not the end of the story. Long glass fibre reinforced compounds, carbon fibre reinforced compounds or compounds suitable for gas assist (GIT) or water assist moulding (WIT) from AKRO-PLASTIC could provide the solution to the new ideas of the development engineers from Bugaboo.

Notwithstanding the technical aspects AKRO-PLASTIC provides to Bugaboo and its customers a responsible approach not only to the environment but to society as a whole. The compounding expert is part of the international Feddersen Group. The companies of the Feddersen Group are held by K.D. Feddersen Holding GmbH. The sole shareholder of the holding is the non-profit K.D. Feddersen Foundation, which operates a retirement home in Hamburg. Like this, we all try to encorporate the motto “Acting on behalf of people – acting through global trade” from founder Karl Detlef Feddersen.

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