A28 LGF 50 9 black (7705)PA66 LGF50

AKROMID® A28 LGF 50 9 black (7705) is an easy flowing PA6.6 with 50% long glass fibre reinforcement which leads to an extraordinary high stiffness and strength even at high temperature. The material distinguishes itself due to its isotropic mechanical properties as well as increased creep resistance and higher heat deflection temperature. The excellent fatigue performance, high energy absorption in the event of a crash and low shrinkage make it the product of your choice for technical parts e.g. oil pan.


easy flow
process improved








Mechanical Properties

Tensile modulus

ISO 527-2

1 mm/min | d.a.m.
1 mm/min | conditioned
18000 MPa
14200 MPa

Tensile stress at break

ISO 527-2

5 mm/min | d.a.m.
5 mm/min | conditioned
270 MPa
210 MPa

Tensile strain at break

ISO 527-2

5 mm/min | d.a.m.
5 mm/min | conditioned
2 %
2,2 %

Charpy impact strength

ISO 179-1/1eU

23°C | d.a.m.
23°C | conditioned
95 kJ/m²
100 kJ/m²

Charpy notched impact strength

ISO 179-1/1eA

23°C | d.a.m.
23°C | conditioned
45 kJ/m²
45 kJ/m²

Izod impact strength

ISO 180/1A

23°C | d.a.m.
90 kJ/m²

Thermal Properties

Temperature of deflection under load HDT/A

ISO 75

1,8 MPa
260 °C

Glass transition temperature

ISO 11357-2

DSC, 2nd heating
60 °C

Melting temperature

ISO 11357-3

DSC, 10K/min
262 °C

Coefficient of linear thermal expansion

ISO 11359-1/2

23°C to 80°C | parallel
23°C to 80°C | transverse
0,25 10⁻⁴/K
0,75 10⁻⁴/K

Temperature index for 50% loss of tensile strength

IEC 60216

5.000 h
150 °C


Burning rate

UL 94

1,6 mm Wall thickness
HB Class

Burning rate (<100 mm/min)


> 1 mm Thickness

General properties


ISO 1183

1,57 g/cm³

Humidity absorption

ISO 1110

70°C, 62% r.H.
1,3 - 1,5 %

Molding shrinkage

ISO 294-4

0,3 - 0,5 %
0,6 - 0,8 %


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