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K-PROFI international edition, issue 3/2021: “We can also do long-fibre reinforced”

K-PROFI international edition, issue 3/2021: Three times FIT with PA-CF40 

Kunststoffe International issue11/2018: Layer-by-Layer from Granulate to Part 

Kunststoffe International issue 6/7/2017: Disquiet before the Storm

Kunststoffe International issue 9/2016: Standardized Production Concept Guarantees Quality

Kunststoffe International issue 6/7/2016: Ultra-Strong and Media-Tight

Kunststoffe International issue 03/2016: Polyamides also like it hot

Kunststoffe issue 10/2015: Preventing Galvanic Corrosion reliably

Kunststoffe, issue 09/2015: Lightweight and innovative

Plastics News Europe, issue June/ 2015: Carbon fibre injection moulding hits the market

Kunststoffe International, issue 2 2015: Lighter than water

Kunststoffe International, issue 8 2014: Sustainable Solution for Coloration of Bioplastics

Kunststoffe International, issue 4 2013: Color-Stable at High Temperatures

Kunststoffe International, issue 9 2012: Plastics Instead of Metals