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Fuel Filter Brackets

Carbon fibre reinforced compounds

Carbon fibre reinforced compounds

Fuel Filter Bracket

The ICF compounds offer a comparable property profile as conventional carbon-fibre compounds at a much lower price. This now enables applications which were previously not feasible due to the high cost of materials. Specifically, it is now possible to replace highly reinforced glass-fibre materials with ICF compounds with lower reinforcement level (reducing the component weight) or to use the cheaper ICF materials in established applications with carbon-fibre reinforced thermoplastics to reduce costs. Series applications already implemented now primarily require the functions of electrical conductivity and stiffness.

In fuel filter brackets, a level of electrical conductivity is required. This can be fulfilled by the fuel filter bracket very cheaply manufactured by Hasenthaler Kunststoffverarbeitung from AKROMID® B3 CGM 15/20 1 black (5489). This has also allowed Mann + Hummel to verify the price-performance ratio of the material following comprehensive testing. The balanced ratio of glass fibre and carbon fibre reinforcement also allows precise manufacturing with the strictest tolerances.

We are familiar with carbon-fibre reinforced materials, often called CFK, from more exotic applications such as the construction of racing cars, aircraft or sports appliances. Carbon fibre can demonstrate its strengths particularly where low component weight and high stiffness are required. 

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