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PST - Plasma-SealTight®

Ultra Strong and Media-Tight

PST - Plasma-SealTight®

Industrial Solution

Bonding thermoplastic compounds to metal is state-of-the-art in injection moulding and used in many industrial applications. However, the interface where the completely different materials meet is still regarded as a risk factor. If not properly sealed, it provides a permanent pathway for the ingress of water, air or other media in a plastic-to-metal bond.

PST - Plasma-SealTight® developed by Plasmatreat and AKRO-PLASTIC represents a completely new approach to obtaining a media-tight and very strongly bonded hybrid compound.

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This new industrial solution offers a process which precisely matches the composition of a plasma polymer layer generated under atmospheric pressure to the recipe for the plastic compound and the process parameters to create a long-time stable, media-tight bond of the injection moulded part.

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