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PA 6.6

Potential Solutions for all Consumers

Alternatives for PA 6.6 Compounds in All Industry Sectors

Increasing prices due to shortage of Polyamide 6.6 raw materials has set the challenge for AKRO-PLASTIC to offer the customer an alternative. The challange has been met, AKRO-PLASTIC is proud to announce alternative routs for substitution of PA 6.6 applications for every customer who need to reduce cost and meet the requierments for his applications.

Potential Solutions for PA 6.6

Example PA 6.6 GF 30

Why Is There a Problem in Delivery?

There are Bottlenecks in production chains. Imbalances between supply and demand. These causes will increase the price gap between PA 6 an PA 6.6 in the future.


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The new development from AKRO-PLASTIC with regard to a PA 6.6 substitution is called AKROMID® B+. Reinforced with 50 % glass fibres, this compound achieves the same strength at 80 °C as a conditioned PA 6.6 GF50 (115 MPa breaking stress).

The stiffness of the conditioned material achieves as well almost the level from PA 6.6. “Our new polymer-modified PA 6 grade is priced between PA 6.6 and PA 6 and thereby opens up considerable savings potential,” says Thilo Stier, Head of Innovation and Sales at AKRO-PLASTIC.

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