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Fakuma 2018

AKRO-PLASTIC at the 2018 Fakuma

Fakuma 2018

Focusing on Plastic-Metal Composites and Alternatives to PA 6.6 for Lightweight Construction

Polyamide 6.6 compounds are only currently available to a limited extent in the market place, mainly due to years of raw material shortages and prices are therefore rising continuously. As a consequence AKRO-PLASTIC has set itself the task of modifying a PA 6 in such a way that it is an attractive alternative and that it now achieves comparable properties similar to a PA 6.6.

The new development from AKRO-PLASTIC with regard to a PA 6.6 substitution is called AKROMID® B+. Reinforced with 50 % glass fibres, this compound achieves the same strength at 80 °C as a conditioned PA 6.6 GF50 (115 MPa breaking stress). The stiffness of the conditioned material achieves as well almost the level from PA 6.6. “Our new polymer-modified PA 6 grade is priced between PA 6.6 and PA 6 and thereby opens up considerable savings potential,” says Thilo Stier, Head of Innovation and Sales at AKRO-PLASTIC.

A portfolio with 30 to 50 % glass fibre reinforced AKROMID® B+ compounds is already available for sampling, a grade with 60 % glass fibres will follow shortly. “We will be presenting the first components made of the new material and complemented material values such as ageing and conditioning to trade fair visitors at our stand,” adds Stier.

"After intensive additional development of these compounds, we now have excellent adhesion to aluminium. ..."

Cyprian Golebiewski, Head of Application Technology

For some time now there has been a development partnership with Plasmatreat with regard to material development relating to plastic-metal composites. The AKROMID® PST which has resulted from this, in combination with stainless steel, for example, achieves a tensile shear strength of well over 50 MPa.

“After intensive additional development of these compounds, we now have excellent adhesion to aluminium. This is over 30 MPa with an overlap area of 12.5 x 25 mm. In some aluminium variants, tensile shear tests result in breakage in the aluminium and not in the adhesive surface", explains Cyprian Golebiewski, Head of Application Technology at AKRO-PLASTIC.

Tensile shear test specimen according to DIN EN 1465; AKROMID® B3 GF 30 7 PST with aluminium 6061; fracture in aluminium, compression shear test according to ISO 19095-3

As an alternative to hydrolysis-stabilised polyamide, AKRO-PLASTIC now presents with the compound AKROMID® A3 GF 30 4 L black (4678) a new material with outstanding mechanical properties and hydrolysis resistance. 

The blend from PA 6.6 and PP provides excellent hydrolysis properties. The proportion of PA 6.6 is significantly reduced here and the material is also optimised for density and thereby provides an additional weight advantage.

Cooling water pipe PA6.6/PP-Blend, AKROMID® A3 GF 30 4 L black (4678)

BIO-FED & AF-COLOR at the Fakuma

AKRO-PLASTIC Together With Its Branches

BIO-FED, a branch of AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH, produces and markets biodegradable and/or bio-based plastic under the brand name M∙VERA®. In order to meet the legal requirements in France and Italy, among other countries, BIO-FED provides compounds with a correspondingly high proportion of renewable raw materials (bio-based carbon content over 40%) and variable "end-of-life" scenarios such as OK compost INDUSTRIAL, OK compost HOME and OK biodegradable SOIL, which will also be presented to German-speaking trade visitors at Fakuma.

AF-COLOR, also based in Niederzissen, is another branch of AKRO-PLASTIC and the specialist for color and additive master batches. It will inform the trade fair visitors about new chemical injection fluid agents for use in thin-walled packaging applications, which are produced in multilayer production processes or used in technical and structural applications. AF-COLOR will also present its new additive portfolio for PET packaging applications.

Hall B2, 2209

You will find AKRO-PLASTIC at Fakuma 2018 together with its branches AF-COLOR and BIO-FED and its sister companies K.D. Feddersen and M.TEC at the joint stand in Hall B2, 2209.


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