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K 2019

Feddersen Group at K 2019

Feddersen Group at K 2019

AKRO-PLASTIC Shows Innovative Plastic Solutions

AKRO-PLASTIC presented a number of innovations for the fair. In keeping with the overarching claim of the Feddersen Group “Plastic Solutions”, the plastic compounder showcased a new grade series for drinking water applications based on PPA (AKROMID® T5) as well as polyketone (AKROTEK® PK), which is approved for both cold and hot water.

AKROMID® T9 is a modern PPA, based on a PA9T homopolymer, that absorbs 50 % less water and thus has even more constant properties than conventional PPA grades based on PA6T. Especially in the conditioned state, it offers mechanical advantages compared to conventional PPAs.

Material-formed Joint With Plasma-SealTight®

A special highlight at the stand was the exhibit of Schmersal GmbH & Co. KG. Together with the Wuppertal expert for safety switchgear and solenoid interlocks as well as other partners, AKRO-PLASTIC presented the Interlock AZM300. This is a system in which the mechanical solenoid interlock was able to be replaced by a solution made of overmoulded metal. Here the AKROMID® B3 GF30 PST combined with the Plasma-SealTight® technology, a joint development of Plasmatreat and AKRO-PLASTIC, was used. With this new approach, the previous form-fit connection was converted into a material-formed joint in which the plastics compound is firmly attached to the metal element. This allowed the weight as well as the number of production steps can be significantly reduced while maintaining the same closing force.

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