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Lightweight Compounds for Automotive Parts

Metal substitution has been a major issue for the automotive sector for over a decade due to increasing demands to reduce cost and weight. Over the last 10 years special synthetic materials have emerged as a feasible solution for substitution of metal die-casting, and even stamped and moulded parts. At first, the automotive sector focused on low-density plastics in its attempts to reduce fleet consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

But the properties of polypropylene alone are inadequate which is why technical thermoplastics, like polyamides are even more frequently used in the industry today. The choice of material construction is increasingly determined by factors such as environmental protection, design consideration, manufacturing processes and cost optimisation.

Meeting the needs of the automotive industry with high performance compounds

Light-weighting or substituting plastic for metal, presents a huge opportunity for industries like automotive and aeronautics where weight plays a crucial role. Ranging from beauty covers to cylinderhead housings and gear -boxes: AKROMID® and AKROLOY®PA are both polyamides manufactured to meet the automotive industry's high requirements. Polyamide 6.6 and Polyamide 6 are engineering compounds characterised by high mechanical strength, stiffness and thermal resistance. Furthermore, these polyamides offer high toughness at low temperatures as well as easy processing. Whatever the application, AKRO-PLASTIC has the right solutions for all your automotive requirements.

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