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PA 6.6 Supply Shortage

Background Information on PA 6.6 Shortage

PA 6.6 Shortage – Price Development and Alternatives

Polyamide 6.6 Bottleneck

The current PA 6.6 bottleneck is not a short-term phenomenon. The situation has become and will remain critical for polyamide 6.6 consumers.

Currently, there are many companies (> 20) that are able to produce polyamide 6 and its intermediate products. But production of polyamide 6.6 and especially one of its intermediates (Adiponitrile, ADN) is at the lowest ebb because there is just a limited expertise on the market and significant reductions in production capacity. Globally only four plants produce ADN. Europe has only one plant located in Chalampé, France. All of these plants belong to the producers Invista, Ascend and a joint venture of Invista & Solvay, resulting in a centralised market power and a lack of alternative suppliers. Invista & Solvay have declared force majeure for production capacity of Adiponitrile (ADN) so the ongoing tight supply for base polymer will intensify. 

The price development is not only a result of fluctuating pre-product-prices. Main reasons for the price development of PA 6.6 over the years are the bottlenecks in production chains and imbalances between supply and demand. 

Plastic processing companies and brand manufacturers are therefore looking for alternatives to replace the high-quality polymer. Due to the decreasing availability of PA 6.6, AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH has developed a PA 6, called AKROMID B + as a PA 6.6 substitution. 

The price gap between PA 6 and PA 6.6 will remain in the future

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