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Precision to Detail

PRECITE® P3 GF XX “4” are our hydrolysis resistant grades. These special compounds are developed for humid environment at high temperature.

•meets requirement of OEM regarding Polyester Hydrolysis

•several grades

•good mechanical properties

•PRECITE® P3 GF 15 4 black (7522)

•PRECITE® P3 GF 30 4 natural (7335)

•PRECITE® P3 GF 30 4 LA black (7700)

Polyesters are sensible to hydrolysis. Humidity above 60% combined with a temperature above 70°C will start the degradation of the polymer. To avoid the hydrolysis attack, PRECITE® GF XX 4 compounds are stabilized and meet the general standards of 85°C/85% humidity from the automotive industry.

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