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AKROMID® A, B, C High-Strength Polymers

Polyamide 6, 6.6 and Blends

AKROMID® A, B, C Engineering Thermoplastic

Tough and Resistant to Wear

Along with polyamide 6.6, polyamide 6 is the most commonly used grade of engineering thermoplastic due to its versatility. It is robust, abrasion-resistant and offers excellent strength, stiffness and resistance to hydrocarbons. To improve its performance, it can be reinforced with glass or carbon fibres.

Tough but Easy to Process

PA 6.6, PA 6 and PA 6.6/6 blends offer high toughness at low temperatures as well as easy processing. Due to their extraordinary characteristics, these compounds are proving to be indispensable in almost all areas of technology, especially in the automotive sector.

Strong and Non-Toxic

PA 6 resins are used in applications that demand toughness and resistance to wear such as gear wheels, carpet fibres and mould plastics. Since it is non-toxic, it is also used in a wide range of food and beverage processing as well as packaging applications. The drawbacks of PA 6 are relatively high water absorption and poor chemical resistance to strong acids and bases.

Find the Right PA 6.6, PA 6 or PA 6.6/6 Blend for Your Application

AKROMID® A, B and C – for extraordinary mechanical strength and toughness plus excellent thermal resistance.

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Discover the Benefits of AKROMID® A, B and C

AKROMID® A, Your Highly Resistant PA 6.6

AKROMID® C, Combining the Best of PA 6 and PA 6.6

AKROMID® B, Developed for High Performance

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